Refacing & Manufacturing New Doors

Sometimes even the best paint job just isn’t enough, but a complete cabinet renovation is outside of the scope of your budget. The solution? Reface your existing kitchen cabinets with brand new doors. You’ll keep your current cabinet footprint and design, but give the outside a total makeover. You get the look and feel of new cabinet doors without the price tag of a full kitchen renovation.

Manufacturing new doors is a great compromise when your budget doesn’t exactly match your vision. Rather than paying tens of thousands of dollars to do a full rebuild (not to mention spending weeks without a kitchen) you can instead spend a fraction of the cost and get the same great results.

Happy with your current kitchen layout, but want to freshen up the look and feel of your cabinets? Instead of waiting for your outdated cabinets to come back into style you can now simply have new kitchen doors manufactured for your existing cabinets. We have multiple design styles, colours and options to choose from.

Our Process

Step 1: Consultation

First, we consult with you and work with our designers to bring your vision to life. Then we meticulously measure your old cabinets to ensure that the replacements will fit perfectly.

Step 2: Cabinet Maker

Then, we bring the specs to our cabinet maker who will manufacture your brand-new custom cabinet doors to meet your highest expectations.

Step 3: Install

Finally, we bring your beautiful cabinets back to your home and install them for you. We’ll even install new soft close hinges if you like. Simple, fast, affordable, and absolutely gorgeous.

Great Value

In terms of value for money nothing beats manufactured new kitchen doors. The total cost is next-to-nothing compared to a full renovation, plus you don’t have to give up your kitchen for weeks on end —but the results are just as stunning. You’ll absolutely love your kitchen’s new look, and your friends and family won’t believe that underneath your new, beautiful doors live the same cabinets you have had for years.

For the complete effect combine your new doors with a quick cabinet interior paint job. Your old cabinets will look brand new inside and out.

Quick Turnaround

With such a quick turnaround time, newly manufactured kitchen cabinet doors make the perfect gift. Start the process beforehand, then send your loved one away for a few days and have them return to the kitchen of their dreams. Surprise!

When you choose newly manufactured kitchen cabinet doors you’ll get a familiar layout with a beautiful new face. New yet familiar. The best of both worlds. All for a price that will keep everyone happy.

Just because you want an affordable alternative to a full renovation doesn’t mean that you should have to compromise on quality.

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