Turning your old kitchen cabinets into the dream kitchen that you have always wanted is what we do best.

With over 15 years of experience across Ontario we have perfected the art of cabinet renewal.


All of your cabinet doors, drawer fronts and sometimes crown and valences will be taken to our shop. Painting the rest of your cabinet boxes will be done at your home. There are a couple of different methods we use.

Brush and Roll

Brushing and rolling is the most common choice for most kitchens, it is simple, quick and cost effective. It is used mainly on common kitchens without intricate mouldings and details. We use special micro fibre rollers for the best finish possible and very durable acrylic paint to match the lacquer that will be on your doors.

Spray Finish

This gives the absolute best finish possible, we use the same lacquers applied with the same methods your doors get at our shop. It does however require us to tape, paper and plastic off your kitchen from 1-3 days depending on job size. It is more costly than brush and roll but for some kitchens it is required and worth it!

No Onsite

This is for the do-it-yourself people that can handle doing the brush and roll method on their own. We can take their doors and drawers away and they can paint their own boxes with high quality materials we provide for them.

Our Process

First, we consult with you. We live by the old saying the customer is always right. We want your new kitchen to exceed your expectations, but the first step of that process is finding out what those expectations are. What exactly are you looking for? Do you want to lighten the room up, or make it warmer and more welcoming?

One of the advantages to refinishing your kitchen cabinets is that, unlike the options at a big box store, you can choose any colour. Your only limit is your imagination! Having trouble deciding on the look you’re after? We’ll lend you our decades of experience to help you craft your vision.

Then we make it happen.

First, we carefully remove your kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, valences and other pieces and transport them back to our shop. This is where the magic happens.

We clean your cabinet doors with a grease remover, sand them down to strip off the old paint, and prime them with a bonding primer. Applying the primer is a vital step. It reduces the risk of chipping or peeling later on, so your new cabinet doors continue to look new years from now.

Then we add another primer, this time a stain blocking primer. During normal kitchen use grease or tannins can lead to discolouration. The stain blocking primer we use prevents this from happening, adding another level of protection to your new cabinet doors.

For oak or heavily pitted doors we will add a surfacing agent to fill the deeper grains and indentations, without losing your beautiful oak appearance. Oak cabinets will always retain some of their natural grain, whereas maple or MDF will be almost completely smooth.

Between each primer coat we sand the cabinets to ensure that they are smooth and that the primer bonds properly.

Next a tintable lacquer is sprayed onto the doors in multiple coats, with a thorough sanding between coats to ensure that the final result is smooth and beautiful. After the final coat is applied your cabinets are left to dry, harden and seal.

While your cabinet doors are being resurfaced we take the opportunity to paint the outer boxes and edges of your cabinets using the method you have chosen (spray, or brush and microfiber roller for smooth finish roller, or DIY). We’ll cover your kitchen with drop cloths and tape to ensure that everything remains undamaged and clean during this part of the renewal process.

Finally, we bring it all together.


We transport your cabinet doors back to your home, install them over top of the freshly painted outer boxes, provide any finishing touches, and clean up.


That’s it. Your kitchen cabinets will be successfully renewed. The entire process is completed quickly and seamlessly – you’ll barely have missed your old kitchen cabinets before they’re back!

But what’s most amazing is that you’ll have the final effect of a stunning new kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Don’t wait. Call Cabinet Renew today to renew your kitchen for a fraction of the price.




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